Welcome to Humaya

There is always a better solution

Humaya AB is a trading company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company is globally involved in a wide range of businesses

Humaya with its deep functional expertise and extensive geographical reach is always open to new business ideas. We strongly believe in quality and therefore, always try to provide our customers with the best materials and services.

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Welcome to Humaya

There is always a better solution


Energy and Environment




Mineral Fliters




Green Construction Materials

We do care about the environment and we are keen to do our best in order to save it

Mineral Filters

We distribute filtering products used in different industries particulrly in brewing and beverage, vegetable oil, paint and chemical industries


Electronics is the science of how to control electric energy, energy in which the electrons have a fundamental role


Solar Energy

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies

Wind Energy

Wind power is extracted from air flow using wind turbines or sails to produce mechanical or electrical power


Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms

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